Stoic Bliss combines lyricism with trap music in #KeKiChay

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The veterans of Bangladesh Hip Hop – Stoic Bliss – are back with a brand new banger. Ke Ki Chay is their 2nd release in 2018 featuring dope ‘trap’ beats and some sick verses by Ac1d and Kazi.

Watch Ke Ki Chay by Stoic Bliss

Stoic Bliss’s first album – Light Years Ahead – was a proper fusion between the East & the West and it was the first mainstream Hip Hop album to be released in Bangladesh. Back in 2006, Stoic Bliss made their mark by sharing their experiences growing up as Bengali immigrants in Queens, New York.

They eloquently told stories of life in Dhaka, as well as life as an immigrant. Tracks like Abar Jigay went on to become culturally viral. Fast forward a few years, they dropped their second mainstream Hip Hop album – Kolponar Baire – in 2007.

Since then, they have been quietly watching the Hip Hop industry grow in South Asia. After a 10 year hiatus, they returned to the scene in 2017 when they started recording their third studio album with producers Qonjoy Jamal and UJ Jamal at DayDream Studios in Dallas, TX.