Stave Sonata drops First Animated Bangla Hip Hop Music Video – with Towfique, Raz Dee, Shafayat


On Friday, renowned Bangladeshi producer, Dee Corter (aka Stave Sonata), dropped a collaboration project with Canadian Bangla R&B singer – Raz Dee – & 2 of the most well known Bangladeshi rappers – Towfique & Shafayat.

The guys in Stave Sonata’s team has been dreaming up this single for the past 2 years, and delivered the first animated Bangla Hip Hop single.

Watch the Music Video : Srishtir Shera – সৃষ্টির সেরা | Stave Sonata ft Raz Dee, Towfique, Shafayat

Executive Producers: Stave Sonata & IMI.NYC
Production/Mix/Master: Stave Sonata 
Partners: HTM & Tahseenation | IMI.NYC  

Dee Corter & Zahid Mahmood at IMI.NYC were the executive producers behind the entire project. Both of these guys worked together at Blazin Annex – who were part of the first introductory wave of Hip Hop music in Bangladesh. Hailing from New York, Blazin Annex went on to drop one of the first mainstream Hip Hop albums in Bangladesh.

During a long hiatus, Dee Corter spent his working hours producing music for multiple New York artists under the pseudonym of Stave Sonata. As a producer, he has a flaming passion for creating music for the audience in Bangladesh. So, he decided to embark on this journey with his com padre, Zahid Mahmood, to combine a few talented artists from different walks of life and put ’em together in 1 project.

“The idea was, once again, outside of the box. Let’s be different. Instead of focusing on ourselves the whole time let’s do something positive for the genre we love. Let’s take artists, that are doing great things, that haven’t worked together and consecutively produce it for the sake of good content. At the same time let’s have a message.” said Zahid Mahmood.

“The singer is in Canada, the rappers are in BD, and I’m in New York. We needed a easier way to handle this,” added Zahid about the video. Zahid went on to say that Dee Corter soon cooked up the idea for an animated music video, “Animation was the answer. We decided to do everything we can do to make that happen. And that’s what we did.”

Soon, the first animated video was created for a single with a deep meaning behind it; & the meaning behind the track probably couldn’t have been expressed so visually if it was anything other than an animated video.

The music video was officially released on one of Tahseenation’s YouTube channels. Tahseenation is one of the most well known Bangladeshi YouTubers, so it made sense for the team to gain the highest exposure for the uniquely animated music video with Tahseenation’s endorsement.

“Tahseenation’s role was very significant as well. As soon as we came to the conclusion of the project he was fully ready to support our vision through HTM while allowing partner contribution.” added Zahid about the YouTuber’s involvement.

Both Shafayat & Towfique have impacted the Desi Hip Hop audience over the years.

Towfique is part of the largely successful duo – Rajotto. Rajotto dropped their self-titled debut studio album back in 2009 with multiple hits like Nagordola, Bidrohi, Desh O Durnity and more. The album is still considered as one of Bangladeshi hip hop’s classic albums. They soon followed up with a second studio album “Dashotto” from the major label – G Series.

Shafayat is part of one of the most successful Hip Hop crews from Bangladesh – Jalali Set‘Jalali Set’ includes are MC Mugz, Shafayat, Double S, and Shadhu. If anyone knows anything about ‘Bangladesh Hip Hop’, they know MC Mugz & Shafayat. They rose to popularity with their debut release – Sura Target – which went viral in Bangladesh almost as soon as it was released. That was followed by a major release of multiple music videos and an album titled “Level 13”.