Sri Lankan Emcee Irshad Is Creating Unique Sounds With “Sky Reach”!

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Sri Lanka based emcee Irshad is cooking something very special in the music he’s making. With his recent EP/Playlist “Sky Reach” it is apparent that a new wave of good music is brewing up in Sri Lanka. The EP is a debut project for Irshad. What’s even better is that the whole thing is produced by him as well. This is an important aspect of any soundscape.

When artists not only discover, but also implement their own sounds to a scene, rest assured that they will stand out from everything else. Irhad’s “Sky Reach” playlist manages to do exactly just that.

A Budding Sound

Irshad is also the host of the self-started “APMD” Podcast. APMD stands for “A Penny and My Demo”, a podcast that showcases upcoming music and demos from Irshad’s library. He also discusses and highlights other topics from around the worlds of music and elsewhere. The thing that stands out the most in “Sky Reach” is the sheer diverse sounds in each track. All this while still sticking to the core concepts and themes within the playlist as each song progresses. It truly brings out Irshad’s sense of musicality and ability to create songs.

We at Desi Hip-Hop love to explore and discover more diverse music from all around the South Asian subcontinent. “Sky Reach” is a glaring example of the same. Check out and support Irshad on his journey by buying the full EP.