Spotify Finally Launches in Bangladesh, Pakistan & Nepal, Alongside 80 New Markets

Spotify is expanding into over 80 new markets in more than 36 new languages – including Bangladesh, Pakistan & Nepal. Also, some key territories across Africa such as Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Nigeria, and Zimbabwe.

“We believe there could be more than 1 billion potential Spotify users,” said Alex Norström (Chief Freemium Business Officer).

Together, these 80 markets house more than a billion people with nearly half of them already using the internet, says Spotify. The vast expansion over the coming days means that Spotify will be active in more than 173 markets. Spotify has localized pricing in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, with versions of the website available in Bengali and Tamil respectively. Also, India is no longer the cheapest place in South Asia to get a Spotify subscription. In Sri Lanka, Premium costs LKR 529 (around Rs 200) a month, PKR 299 (Rs 111.52) in Pakistan, and BDT 199 (Rs 170) in Bangladesh. The ‘premium’ subscription costs Rs 119 a month in India.

Credit : Daniel Ek @eldsjal on Twitter (CEO and Founder of Spotify)

The news comes close to a year after Spotify rival Apple Music announced its expansion into 52 new global markets, taking its total reach to 167 markets.