Spotify & Apple Music ‘s dopest Desi Hip Hop Playlists for a Safer Quarantine

The music fades into the background, as the TV volume goes up.

The Donald is yappin’ about yet another threat; but after a long eye-roll session, it becomes clear that we’re all on house arrest – and COVID-19 is lurking in our neighborhoods! It seems almost like a scene from The Walking Dead – minus the reckless emotional drama.

As more & more communities prepare for social distancing to fight the zombie apocalypse, I put my headphones on and silenced the noise. If I’m gonna be stuck at home, I’m gonna be stuck at home with goooood music!

Discover Desi Hip Hop

With impending doom lurking around the corner, we finally have some time to discover new artists & music from the world of Desi Hip Hop!

Dopest Desi Hip Hop Playlists on Spotify & Apple Music

‘Global Desi Hip Hop’ on Spotify & Apple Music

Long before India had Spotify, the world already had the Global Desi Hip Hop playlist.

In fact, long before Spotify had an official Desi Hip Hop category, we were already growing this playlist diligently… not waiting for the world to catch up, but making sure the world is prepared to catch up.

Whenever anything hot drops, you will find it on this playlist. We keep it updated & clean just so that YOU can enjoy your quarantine.

This playlist features the dopest in the game, and is peppered with mainstream & underground acts. If you want to discover the best of the best globally, this is where you need to start 💯

Our curators spent countless hours digging the crates to discover the dopest around the world.

‘Desi Hip Hop‘ on Spotify

This is the first Desi Hip Hop playlist curated by the Spotify team and has been going strong since its inception. They keep it mostly updated – and is definitely sprinkled with hits!

‘The New India’ on Apple Music

‘Rap 91’ on Spotify

If you’re looking for the best of the dopest Hip Hop music coming out of India, then this is the playlist for you. Rap 91 features the illest emcees, rappers, and musicians from the world of Indian Hip Hop. Below are a few other playlists showcasing the Indian Hip Hop Scene.

‘Bambai Bantai’ on Spotify

‘Brown Is The New Black’ on Apple Music & Spotify

‘Desi Hip Hop Classics’ on Spotify

Feelin’ like you wanna bump your head to some of the classic bangers that made history in the Desi Hip Hop culture? Then, this playlist is for you. This playlist is created like a mixtape celebrating the music that helped grow this genre of music.

”10s Indian Hip Hop Essentials’ on Apple Music