Spit Dope Inc Exclusive – Shreyas Vs Yungsta VOTE NOW!

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Spit Dope Inc’s latest upload is the battle between Pune’s Shreyas Sagvekar and Delhi’s Yungsta. This happened at the last event by Spit Dope and Introduce Yourself titled ‘Unleashed’. The rapĀ battle was a challenge for both the battlers but their creativity overshadowed all conflicts.

Who Won This Battle?

Firstly, Yungsta’s round exploited battle rap techniques to the max and the punches were packed throughout his rounds. Also, Shreyas switched up flows to his strength and delivered heavy bars constantly.

“See, breakthroughs after breakthroughs his stupid ass couldn’t get a mention/
what I am saying is his name is unholy so it’s natural of it to bounce off your temple/ ” – Yungsta

Shreyas Vs Yungsta-Spit Dope Inc
Furthermore, the rap battle is another classic on Spit Dope Inc’s Youtube channel. The rapĀ battle, however, was interrupted a few times and the audience was a shaky one for both these artists but they overcame these challenges smoothly and delivered a great performance.

Spit Dope Inc’s next upload is scheduled to be online in a week and it’s going to be a heavy drop for battle rap fans. Till then, who do you think won? Let us know who out of these two you think took this match.

Watch the rap battle here –