Spit Dope Battle – That’s How You Kick Ass Of A Communal Hater!


Another sick battle between The Rapping Machine and Sane came out on 20th August 2017 through Spit Dope Inc. This was a fight against the rapper who made communal jokes on The Rapping Machine. Amaan Khan who goes by the moniker of The Rapping Machine is a Bhopal based hip-hop artist. He came all the way from Bhopal to battle Sane at a Spit Dope Inc event that took place at Raasta, Hauz Khas Village, powered by DesiHipHop.com.

Rapping Machine Vs Sane Spit Dope Battle

This was the most epic event by Spit Dope Inc at Raasta, HKV. In fact, all the top pick rappers and hip-hop heads from New-Delhi showed up, including artists from other states of India as well. I had a chat with the one and only The Rapping Machine and this is what he has to say about the battle, “It wasn’t exactly a battle, it was a warfare. A war that Sane lost even if I didn’t win. What he did was not only unethical but stupid and a disgrace to Hip Hop. We as a community are united by music and so we shall not be the ones to create a divide. The best part about the entire battle was that I am not the only one who thinks that.”

“I could see the people getting pissed off at Sane’s bars a lot more than I was. I heard Raga shout “Get this motherfucker disqualified” and so I had to put an exclamation to Sane. And as I’ve been saying since the day we battled, I could do exactly what he did and maybe at a far worse level. But then, the difference between class and crap should always be maintained,” TRM signed off.

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