Joyner Lucas is a co-founder and Sony Music just tapped in – Tully App.


Joyner Lucas launched Tully in 2015 alongside co-founder Dhruv Joshi. An app that lets artists to record, collaborate on and master music. Store their files in the cloud, distribute the finished tracks to a range of streaming services. Also then use other tools to manage their business. It’s in the news because the app has received investment from Sony Music Entertainment boosting the capital for the artist collaboration platform.

Billboard confirmed that the strategic investment is going to help take the app’s user experience to the next level. “Artists need to have control over their work,” Joyner Lucas told HipHopDX why he developed Tully. “We sweat and bleed for this stuff, and it means everything to us. I built Tully to make it possible for me to have that control. Know where all my stuff is and never have to rely on anyone to tell what’s mine and who owns what or how.”

While Sony told BillBoard that the deal quickly formulated for the brand to come onboard and add their arsenal of financial and technological resources to assist in expanding Tully’s horizons. “From our first meeting with Joyner and Dhruv their passion and vision for Tully was clear, and we are excited to work with entrepreneurs that bring both creative insight and technology discipline to developing a new product,” adds Dennis Kooker, president of global digital business and U.S. sales at Sony Music Entertainment. “They are focused on building a platform that reflects their fundamental understanding of what artists need to create music and offers new solutions for greater efficiency and collaboration across that process.”

Sony’s investment will also help Tully expand its offerings ahead of the Tully Artist Management Platform. The feature is scheduled to launch in the third quarter of 2020. Check out the Tully app here.

HEADER IMAGE by Trevor Finney