Snoop Dogg Teams Up With Dunkin’ Donuts For ‘Beyond D-O-Double-G’ Sandwich

Snoop Dogg was overjoyed when revealing his new Dunkin’ Donuts sandwich to Instagram this week. On January 13, the D-O-Double-G unveiled the signature sandwich, which is appropriately called the Beyond D-O-Double-G. The catch? It will only be available until January 19.

The veteran Hip Hop artist explains in the clip, “Look real close. Special sandwich at Dunkin’. The D-O-Double-G. That’s right y’all. That’s that Beyond Meat sausage patty with egg with cheese inside of a glazed donut. Ooooooo weeee. D-O-Double-G. Better hurry up and get you some ’cause they gonna leave fast. Exclusively at Dunkin’. Tell ’em Snoop sent you.”

In addition to the sandwich, Snoop and Dunkin’ Donuts are also launching an exclusive pop-up merch store called The Beyond Collection by Dunkin’ x Snoop. It will feature limited-edition apparel such as a green tracksuit inspired by Snoop’s outfit in the latest Dunkin’ commercials.

Image Credits: YouTube/DunkinDonuts

Snoop decided to posse up with the donut shop chain on his own sandwich after initially launching the Beyond Sausage Sandwich with the company last November.

“When I got the chance to work at Dunkin’ for the Beyond Sausage Sandwich launch, I got to thinking about what other Beyond Meat sandwiches we could create,” he said in a press release. “Being around my favorite glazed donuts got me inspired, so today we are dropping The Beyond D-O-Double G Sandwich at Dunkin’ restaurants nationwide.”

Check out Snoop’s Dunkin’ Donuts ad below.

HEADER IMAGE from Dunkin’ Donuts Website