Snoop Dogg’s Emotional Speech For Tupac Shakur


The good people of the Rock & Roll had to settle for Snoop Dogg to induct Tupac Shakur into the Rock & Roll hall of fame. As India’s Mika Singh was not available to do¬†this well deserved honour! Anyways all jokes aside, Snoop Dogg gave a brilliant speech while inducting his label mate, homie and brother Tupac. Snoop shared his perspective about Tupac’s life as a human being. And there is no doubt that it must have moved the masses!

snoop dogg and tupac shakur

Snoop described the journey of Tupac and him. How they¬†turned from boys to men and what sort of an impact did those instances have on their lives. His description of how him and Pac got matching Rolce Royce’s got the crowd wooing and it also proved that Snoop is not shy of talking about his past. Furthermore, he gave him a shout out for looking out for him and keeping his swagger up. The crowd was in splits when Snoop narrated their incident of going para-sailing with Suge Knight driving the boat.

Tupac’s void is impossible to be filled and his contribution to Hip-Hop cannot be quantified. I sincerely wish that Tupac would have been inducted in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame earlier but as it’s said it’s better late than never.

Have a look at the video right here: