Snoop Dogg Claims Top Dawg Ent. is “Better Version” of Death Row Records


At the REVOLT Summit in Los Angeles, Snoop Dogg made it clear he started paying attention to what Top Dawg Entertainment has been doing over the past several years.

Snoop Dogg at Revolt Summit. Image Credits : Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for REVOLT

Snoop then declared TDE to be a “better version” of Death Row and said it was all about an “each one, teach one” mentality. Snoop Dogg has a long history with Death Row Records. TDE’s co-president Punch admitted they’d studied the Death Row blueprint.

“I think — and this is me saying it from being in Death Row and being on the outside looking at y’all — y’all are a better version of Death Row Records,” he said. “That’s with no disrespect. That’s with all respect because once you look and you see somebody do it the right way and you see ’em do it the wrong way and then you get a chance to do it your own way, then you able to take the wrong out and do it the right way. That’s why y’all been able to sustain for so long. You and Top Dawg, y’all some top dog bosses.”

TDE’s co-president “Punch” later took to Twitter to reflect on Snoop’s comments.

“Snoop Dogg sat on stage in a room full of ppl and said we (TDE) are a better version of Death Row Records,” he wrote. “Humbled.”

The D-O-Double-G was an integral part of the imprint once helmed by the currently incarcerated Suge Knight during the ’90s.