SNKM Drops Next Banger “Atomic Kittens”

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Pakistani new-age hip-hop duo SNKM (Adil Omar & Talal Qureshi) are back with a bang! We previously covered their latest release “Motors” and this time they have turned it up a notch. SNKM set themselves apart from everyone else with the fusion of Hip-Hop verses laced between techno/electronic music.

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A New Wave

The sound is new and fresh as ever. Atomic Kittens as a song itself sounds different from the very first second. Even their last track “What Have We Done” sets a standard of it’s own. prides itself in discovering and pushing these kinds of talents because these are the voices that need to be heard. Two words that can describe SNKM is – international quality. The potential in them is massive and it’s just a matter of time before they blow up. Good music like this will always carve it’s own way.

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Hip-Hop as a culture is peace loving and supportive of party culture, and SNKM fits the profile really well. They’re out to drop party anthem after party anthem. This is that music that we can all vibe to. The visuals for the song are also well crafted. Simplistic, minimal and yet impactful. That’s the direction that director Alex Merkle went with for this intense song.

Break Free

The hook of this song tells us the message loud and clear: “Run Away, Turn It Off”. This song is a message to break free from the shackles of daily monotony. It’s not just about social medias but about discovering our innermost feelings. This song gets us vibing and jumping to it to prove a point. That’s what makes this team, the video and the song special. They deliver this solid package each time.

Check out the music video for “Atomic Kittens” below and share and support this extremely talented group of people. More power to Desi Hip-Hop culture!