Smokey The Ghost Dissed Mumble Rappers In This Freeverse!

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Smokey The Ghost is a Banglore based hip-hop artist and one of the finest in the scene. He needs no introduction as he has been in the scene for a very long time. If you call yourself a hip-hop head, then you must know this guy as he was a part of the popular former hip-hop crew “Machas With Attitude – MWA”.

mwa machas with attitude underground crew
(MWA- Hip-Hop Crew)

Being from an orthodox Brahmin family, Smokey’s parents thought it was crazy to have their son become a rapper. He was even asked questions like “Rap or Family?” Most people would laugh at him, they thought it was funny for a Brahmin boy to rhyme. He further added, “I don’t think anyone can say I suck anymore and my parents love what I’m doing now. If I could change their heads, I think I can change anyone’s. Now, Hip-Hop is a responsibility for me.”

Smokey(Smokey The Ghost)

Talking about his recent video, Smokey expressed his love for FKJ. It’s a 1.45 mins long video which is shot by Ajay Gopi. In the video, Smokey can be seen dissing those who prefer mumble rap. In his casual red t-shirt and a cap, he delivered some dope bars on the instrumental.

For those who don’t know who FKJ is, here’s a short brief about him –

FKJ – French Kiwi Juice is a French multi-instrumentalist, singer, and musician from Tours, France. His debut album, “French Kiwi Juice” was released on March 3rd, 2017. Furthermore, FKJ has been described as a pioneer and most renowned name of the new New French House genre.


(French Kiwi Juice)

As a matter of fact, he is also coming to India on 21 September 2017. He is flying down to Banglore in order to attend a gig at the “Humming Tree”. had a word with Smokey The Ghost about the free verse he dropped and this what he said –

“So, basically, FKJ is coming to Bangalore on 21st September 2017. You know FKJ right? This is a beat he made called TADOW, which he never released, but it’s one of my most favourite beats. As a matter of fact, me being one of his biggest fans, I did this as a dedication to him. Furthermore, if you notice what I say you will understand my thought behind this video. In fact, it addresses the mumble rappers who are dumbing down our hip-hop culture and also, that ‘AYE’ flow was exploited. On the other hand, I did a word play with (Aye)BCDEFG. Basically, this is also a diss against mumble rap. As a matter of fact, it’s a dedication to my favourite beat producer FKJ.”

Significant lyrics from the track

“I think that my lyrics don’t matter (aye),

Rappers they speak in a blabber (Aye),

I feel like the feelings have vanished,

The building of hip hop is taking some damage (aye).”

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