Slyck TwoshadeZ & Khatarnaak – ‘Tera Bhai’ is here to Wreck You!

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This summer has been lit with exciting new Hip Hop releases by Sony Music every single Friday. This Friday saw the release of ‘Tera Bhai’ by Delhi native, Slyck TwoshadeZ from Sony Music Entertainment’s Hip Hop focused imprint, Awaaz.

Watch ‘Tera Bhai’ by Slyck TwoShadeZ ft. Khatarnaak

Slyck TwoshadeZ’s ‘Tera Bhai’ features Delhi’s very own, Khatarnaak Hip Hop Collective – with Sun J, Jinn, and Shan Krozy. With the release of ‘Tera Bhai’, Awaaz has made its mark as a premier Hip Hop focused label in conjunction with media brand, Desi Hip Hop Inc.

Slyck TwoshadeZ is one half of the Hinglish duo 2-ShadeZ, which has been making Hip Hop music since 2006. Slyck has headlined and played in various venues across India, US and Canada. Over the years, he has helped grow the movement in and around Delhi, before moving back to New Jersey in 2017.


When asked about the impact of the Hip Hop movement in India, Slyck went on to say, “Desi Hip Hop is now bigger than ever and will keep exploding! I am supremely excited to see more rappers having Indian ancestry come out and tell their stories, rural as well as urban.”

‘Asli Hip-Hop’ is not confined to the Gullies.” – Slyck TwoshadeZ

Slyck added, “With talents all over India getting the recognition they truly deserve, ‘Asli Hip-Hop’ is not confined to the Gullies.’

In a recent interview on San Fransisco’s Bolly Radio, Raafat ‘DjayRaf’ Ullah, creative director at Desi Hip Hop Inc, mentioned, “Slyck has played an integral part in the growth of the Hip Hop movement in Delhi and in India. He might be a veteran in the game, but he’s only just getting started!”

In 2019, he released a 6 track EP titled ‘Selfmade’ – which is a detailed summary of his journey so far. Born in the US and brought up in India, Slyck fuses his hybrid cultural learnings in his music. He has been an artist, activist, journalist, and mentor in this hip-hop voyage and is respected for the same.