SlumGods at Extension Khirkee


Extension Khirkee’ is a Street art festival that went down in New Delhi from 3/10-3/31 bringing together visual art, architecture, media and hip hop. Khirkee extension is a densely populated urban village consisting of predominantly low-income labourers, middle class families, students and migrant populations, apart from the old families of the village. Tiny Drops, founded by He Ra has been working hard to establish and grow a Hip-Hop cultural center in Khirkee to engage the youth and channelize their energy by introducing new forms of self expression and positive thinking i.e. all the elements of Hip-Hop. Check out SlumGods in action at Extension Khirkee in a visually, mentally and spiritually stimulating video with none other than your boy Mandeep Sethi, a driving force behind the Hip-Hop movement in India.

“Just because you don’t have a plan doesn’t mean your motivation and destiny won’t meet up hand-in-hand”