Skibkhan continues to drop Hard Hittin music with “Shob Chup”

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Skibkhan is back! Tell yo’ friends, and their friends. I knew Skibkhan was back when I heard his last few singles, but today, he dropped “Shob Chup” – and it was confirmed. The man’s back.

For those of you who are confused about wtf I’m talking about, let me paint a picture.

You know what Drake has done to put his home town of Toronto, Canada, in the books of music history? Skibkhan has done just that, to put his country – Bangladesh – on the map of Desi Hip Hop music. Skibkhan was part of Deshi MCs – who were the first rap group to release mainstream albums straight out of the streets of Dhaka.


Skibkhan’s & Deshi MC’s work set the bar for Bangladesh Hip Hop & connected with their audience with true authentic stories that they sketched on the canvas of Hip Hop.

Since then, Skibkhan has appeared on a number of ‘high profile’ collaborations with mainstream artists from different genres. Not only did this pave the way for Skibkhan’s own success, but the ‘crossover’ singles he created with artists from other genres confirmed Skibkhan’s status as a major force to reckon with in the music industry in Bangladesh.

Shob Chup


This latest single from Skibkhan – titled Shob Chup – is another single that speaks about the real issues experienced by the people of Bangladesh. In this single, he collaborated with VXL, who did the hooks.

Skibkhan became notoriously known for his hard hitting ‘truthful’ lyrics, and kept it up by releasing single after single clearing up the ‘bullsh*t’ that we all regularly see in the media.

Shob Chup – which kinda translates to “Everyone’s Quiet Now” – refers to how the general population has continued to stay quiet throughout the numerous challenges that our world is currently facing.

And the video? 1 word. Dope.

I loved how they took the literal meaning of the words “Shob Chup”, and created a video where everyone is actually not saying a word. Skibkhan truly used his music to speak his thoughts in this one… And I, for one, am excited to see what else he’s got!