Skibkhan’s back with Socially Conscious verses in #DuiTaka


Bangladeshi rapper and Hip Hop ‘legend’ – Skibkhan – just dropped some hard hitting verses in “Dui Taka“.

Dui Taka is one of multiple singles that Skibkhan has dropped in 2018. As one of the pioneering rappers out of Dhaka, he’s made his mark in the region by speaking about social issues through his music. Don’t get us wrong, Skibkhan‘s dropped his fair share of ‘party songs’ over the years, but his biggest hits – like Keno Ei Poth Niley or Shob Chup – always touched the hearts and minds of his fans & listeners.

Listen to ‘Dui Taka’ by Skibkhan Below

Skibkhan is one of the most well known rappers in Bangladesh, and has been pushing for his dreams for a good portion of the past decade. As a former member of the Deshi MCs crew out of Dhaka, he made quite an impact in the Hip Hop scene in Bangladesh. The crew came out with the first ‘gangsta rap’ album back in 2007, titled “Banned”. This album spread like wildfire, leading up to numerous collaborations, concerts, TV/Radio appearances, and got a great response from the young listeners of Hip Hop. Skibkhan went on to work with a variety of top producers, as well as came out with a second Deshi MCs album with his crew.

Since then, Skibkhan has appeared on a number of ‘high profile’ collaborations with mainstream artists from different genres. Not only did this pave the way for Skibkhan’s own success, but the ‘crossover’ singles he created with artists from other genres confirmed Skibkhan’s status as a major force to reckon with in the music industry in Bangladesh.

Skibkhan became notoriously known for his hard hitting ‘truthful’ lyrics, and kept it up by releasing single after single clearing up the ‘bullsh*t’ that we all regularly see in the media.