Siyaahi, Dhanji And Acharya Put Ahmedabad On The Map – The Fifth Element

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Our Tuesday live series has seen an influx of amazing artists coming onboard to share their latest updates. Dee MC started the show over the course of pandemic, and ended up uniting all the elements of hip hop under one banner. The Fifth Element focuses on the art and the artist rather than the hype surrounding their name. In one of our episodes we had the opportunity to invite three upcoming stars from the city of Ahmedabad.

Siyaahi, Dhanji and Acharya joined Dee MC for a special episode of The Fifth Element. While Siyaahi joined us from Mumbai city, where he is currently residing for an event he’s a part of, Dhanji and Acharya held it down from their hometown Ahmedabad.

Know all about their latest mixtape ‘Lost in AMD’ by watching the full episode below!

Siyaahi raised the bar up with his fire performance of one of the verses from the album. Talking about the inception of his journey, Siyaahi recalls being inspired by artists who set their own paths. As a matter of fact, Siyaahi met producer and DJ Harsh Acharya aka Acharya who happened to be his college mate. The duo developed a bond, to which Dhanji was later introduced.

Furthermore, the emcees spoke about the creative process behind the making of their debut mixtape. Siyaahi revealed that the whole project was actually made in a single night. Where Acharya kept throwing beats at the emcees and they kept their pens rolling! Projects like these certainly come from the heart and have a lot of nostalgia attached to it. The three of them further added that audiences can expect some music videos dropping real soon. Don’t forget to watch the episode and stream Lost in AMD below!