Siri Absolutely Slays On Her Latest Collaboration “Male (Rain)”

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It’s been a great second half for the upcoming female emcee “Siri” from South side. Her last release was her collaboration project in association with Breezer Vivid Shuffle. The song was a one-minuter which had Divine and Varun Dhawan on the video. It was a sight to see the femcee do her thing on the track and even the video. That video featured an array of talents with Bboys/Bgirls and even graffiti artists.

That’s a pretty big leap for Siri as she works on her musical journey. Her latest showcase sees her peppy, uptempo side as she collaborates with a soulful voice simply known as – Anup.


The Sound Of “Rain”

This song is called “Male” (pronounced ma-lay) which translates to “Rain”. And it is also definitely a simple, sweet song about the vibes of the rainy season in the country. Anup has done a great job in songwriting. The beat sounds superb and reminds you of the times you walk in the rain. It’s a nostalgia fueled rhythm with some soulful singing to accompany it.


The song is Anup’s second single, and he occupies the first verse along with the chorus that leads into the verse by Siri. By the time we get to the rap verse, we’re already reminded of the beauty in our surroundings when the rainy season comes around (perfectly described by Anup). And when Siri starts to rap, the bar is just set higher and she does a great job of adding on to those pure nostalgic moments of monsoon.


More Power!

The duo sounds great and this song (though a little late coming in time) still does a fantastic job of reminding us of the rains in our side of the world and the correlation of the same in the mindset of the people. Check this latest collaboration out here –