SinghMahoon Fires Out For Freedom With “Patake” And It’s The Most Fire Track You’ll Listen To!

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If this article/music video is your first introduction to UK based emcee SinghMahoon, then sit tight, hold back, and enjoy the rest of the ride. Make sure you leave your hive mentality at the doorstep before you read anything further. SinghMahoon is a name that has recently shot up (and the trajectory is still moving upwards) with his latest single called “Patake”. This song is an instant eye-opener. And just like a ‘Pataka’ it is guaranteed to turn your attention towards its beauty as well as the light it sheds.


Incase you did not know, a ‘Pataka’ refers to a firecracker. In this case, it is an expression used by SinghMahoon to signify that he has now looked at the systems around him and observed the harsh truth. That truth being the oppressions caused to his people (Sikhs). Referring to the lies and unjust practices of the government towards the very people that fought valiantly for freedom in India. He has broken apart from mere conspiracy and accepted his truth, and “Patake” is the first sign of him using his power as an emcee in Hip-Hop to spread this truth.


In the Punjabi language – ‘Patake’ is an expression that refers to multiple scenarios depending on the context. It can refer to the possession of firearms (for self-defence), but in this context it refers to power. The power of the people. The Pataka refers to the moment of true awakening and awareness, when the oppressed realise their true power and the value of what is being oppressed – the true self.

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This song is a direct reflection of the life and times we are living in. Though it refers to the context of the Sikh people, it is humanity that can take lessons from the message. The song reaches out to Sikhs around the world to awaken and accept their “Khalistan”. And it provokes it’s Sikh listeners to reach for more of the expressions tied to Sikhism and revolutions within their systems and surroundings.

The Messenger

The message that SinghMahoon delivers in this song is about the realities he has faced. It represents how he rose above the state of being unknowingly oppressed. Once he stopped being a product in the system he understood the plight of the people he represents. He realized how fractured the Sikh community is and this track is a call to unity between all of them. It recounts the diaspora and asks them to remember their true goal towards Khalistan.


This is more than just a song. It is a true statement of the truth, and it complies with the core principles of Hip-Hop. For a man to step up and spit the truth about his roots, to go against the system and pursue his goals and to start a revolution through song is the movement that made Hip-Hop possible in the first place. So with that being said, more power to SinghMahoon on this journey. His skills speak for himself as you will hear through the song.

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