Sikander Kahlon’s “Chal Chaliye” With Manj Musik Is 1 Million Views Strong Now!


We would like to draw all of our readers’ kind attention towards Sikander Kahlon. His track “Chal Chaliye” with Manj Musik came out with a bang. In fact, “Chal Chaliye” was Sikander’s first track to release with Manj.

Recently, “Chal Chaliye” has crossed one million views on YouTube. This is a big achievement for Sikander Kahlon as an artist. “Chal Chaliye” came out as a MTV Spoken Word‘s presentation and shook the underground. While this is an achievement, in India, still, only handful of the country’s population listens to hip-hop.

Manj Musik and Sikander

Sikander Kahlon just removed this barrier by creating a track like “Chal Chaliye”. Hip-hop listeners are craving for good music and Sikander provided the same with this track. Being signed to a label, he had to do some commercial stuff in the track as well. Also, “Chal Chaliye” was not purely hip-hop but it was neither too whack. Moreover, this is the first mainstream track by him. “Chal Chaliye” was officially released in March 2016  and presented by MTV Spoken Word through Manj Musik’s YouTube channel. Apart from this, his upcoming project is “Kahlon’s Lab”, a much-awaited album and he confirmed this on his recent track “Mask Off/Still Shinnin” in which he says “Aun wali Khalon’s lab”.

Still, people who haven’t heard “Chal Chaliye” can stream here:

 The DesiHipHop family congratulates Sikander Kahlon for this achievement and hope that we will witness good music from him in future.