Sikander Kahlon drops Punjabi Banger “Munda Shokeen”

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Sikander Kahlon is back with an urban punjabi banger called “Munda Shakeen”. Directed by Gagan Randhawa, the music video is presented by Desi Hip Hop Inc.

Munda Shokeen by Sikander Kahlon

Sikander Kahlon goes in with his fiery bars right from the start, setting the tone for the track. The beat produced by Shokeen Music, features a catchy melodic old school vibe for Kahlon’s verses with a smooth switch up for the hooks. Kahlon also gives us the raw flavour off of his Punjabi bars, the style he’s considered to be best at.

Badalde rang saale haige ne chameleon, Lakh view 20000/- de, kar million,

Munda wordsmith, jiwen siga william, Peaky Blinders wala Robb Jiwen Kylian, Kahlon spits in his verse.

The prolific rapper who released his 11th official album last year – “Mikhail” – has been consistent ever since he began his career. If Sikander Kahlon knows one thing best about the music game, it is that it’s a game of longevity. He has given blood, sweat and tears to the scene and dedication over 10 plus years. He is known for his versatility in infusing different genres with his lyricism and DIY “Do It Yourself” approach of recording and, at times, editing his own music as well as producing his own beats.

Watch the music video above and stream it below.

Sikander Kahlon’s 2019 album, MIKHAIL, was recorded in Mohali (Punjab, IND) with guest appearances from Rappers Fateh DOE, Queen Desi Ma, Rob C, Sady Immortal, Roach Killa, Blitzkrieg, Singers like Abeer Arora & Mansheel Gujral. There was a song called “They Know” with Manj Musik & KKG but it was shelved to be released as Single-track. Andy Grewal, Harm Sandhu, JHayer, Sound Shikari & Manni Sandhu is the producer line-up.