Sikander Kahlon & KKG Fire Shots With Latest Release “Fake Yeezy’s”


Sikander Kahlon, Rob C and Sady Immortal expose some of the “fake view” rappers out here in their latest video “Fake Yeezy’s”. In an interesting video, they start off with a skit with an “artist manager” promising them superstardom overnight. The manager talks about how he is going to blow them up in a day with a video. The conversation steers towards giving the trio more than 15 Million views for a price of 60,000 rupees. The rest is a treat to watch.

The execution from audio to visual is a special one. Sikander pops off first killing the beat with dissing the rappers who buy their views and stunt on social media. Rob C and Sady Immortal follow suit repping their wave of sound. What is interesting to see is that the artists themselves have portrayed themselves as the kind of people they really are. No flashy clothes, no big cars or bikes, no girls dancing around them. 100% authentic bars.

Team Mentality

The synergy between them is one to behold. It will remind all the artists that whatever their stature is, you can have fun with Hip-Hop whenever you want to. This song represents a part of that sense while also giving us a glimpse into the skillsets of the rap group. KKG is a brand name that the gang have self-developed and have withstood the test of time for a reason. It is loyalty over money. And at the end of the day what matters is that they stick together through thick and thin.

Watch this dope song by KKG – “Fake Yeezys” – down below and let us know your thoughts!