Sikander Kahlon Drops Mohali Messiah 2!


The king in the north Sikander Kahlon took to twitter to drop a surprise for all of his fans and followers earlier this month. One of Sikander’s most awaited sequels to his earlier project “Mohali Messiah” has now finally been released! Mohali Messiah 2 is on and in full effect, and Kahlon wasted no time to share the same with the world. He took to twitter to make the official announcement and has been gaining momentum on the album ever since!

Return of The Messiah

A-grade quality raps, tight flows, booming bass, and a stellar lineup of individuals is what completes Mohali Messiah 2 to be an essential listen for any Desi Hip-Hop fan in the world. Sikander has been focused since day 1 and his career keeps booming on the up and up. The sheer consistency and the quality of his tracks are what rightfully keep him on the top of his game and his followers see that too.

King In The North

Mohali Messiah 2 consists of a lot of Sikander’s hits combining to form a sort of Megatron tape. With the singles “2017 flow”, “King In The North”, “Chakk Bass” and many more, this tape is surely something to hold on to and bump for more than one listen! Sikander Kahlon has proven time and again that he is one to rep his scene loud and proud. A dedicated artiste and a great entertainer.

Check out Sikander’s full mixtape on the link below and let us know in the comments what you felt are the best tracks in there!