Sid J And Mr. Scam From 7BantaiZ Live On The Fifth Element With Dee MC


‘The Fifth Element’ is coming to your quarantined screens every week. We aim to bring hip-hop to the audience since there’s nothing happening in the outside world with hip-hop. If you haven’t seen the first few episodes we’re here to give you a gist of what’s in store for you in this weekly live session.

Tuning in every Tuesday night at 10pm IST, Dee MC runs through her hot 5 picks of the week as well as invites guest emcees to chat and spit some bars live for the audience. You can check the hot 5 of the week picked by Dee in the below link. Some of these tracks make it to our Global Hip Hop Playlist specially curated for all Desi Hip Hop fans.

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On this week’s episode joining us live were emcees Sid J and Mr. Scam from the popular crew 7BantaiZ from Dharavi. Starting from their inspirations in the hip hop scene, both the rappers took a walk down memory lane giving shoutouts to all the veterans that inspired them. DopeadelicZ, Divine, D’Evil and Dee MC herself to name a few. These young’uns who started their journey half a decade ago have grown to be some of the best artists the city has to offer.

Watch the full episode of the fifth element featuring sid j and mr. scam from 7bantaiz here –


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While Sid J is known to be the first voice on every 7BantaiZ song, Mr. Scam is known for his versatile verses and flows. Scam represents the Tamil audience that Dharavi boasts of and Sid J spits fire bars in the most commonly understood language – Hindi. Sid recalls how the whole crew got to formation due to the very desire of representing their hood to the fullest. Not only have they made the people around them proud by their work in Gully Boy and with Rajnikanth, they also come through for their neighbourhood when in need.

Raising their voice against the menace of society, politics as well as the current corona pandemic, this crew has been unstoppable. Being socially conscious comes through in all their music and together as Dharavi United their collective voice is a force to be reckoned with. Sid J and Scam performed two brilliant unreleased verses from the upcoming 7BantaiZ EP. Furthermore, the crew is also working on an album with the whole Dharavi United collective. Don’t forget to watch the full episode and stay tuned for more every Tuesday on Desi Hip Hop’s Instagram handle!