Shugga Shane talks about 9/11, Trump, & Obama in #OTR

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This week on #OnTheRoad with DJ Raf, we’re chilling with Shugga Shane in Los Angeles.

Shugga Shane has been an artist who is interesting in many ways. The man has been grinding it out with his crew – Crown Fam – for at least the past decade. Originally from Bangladesh, Shugga Shane’s family moved to the United States in the ’80s, and his story is interesting as he explains how he maneuvers through his different worlds.

Shugga Shane & his crew – Crown Fam – includes numerous West Coast artists. They released numerous singles, albums, music videos, over the past decade. Going through his neighborhoods, and the spots where they hung out back in the day, was truly eye opening.

Seeing their old freestyle spots helped me understand the impact that the city has on its people.

On The Road S1E5 Shugga Shane #OTR

Shugga Shane went on to talk about the impacts of the newly elected government in the United States as well. Stating that he would like to see a more inclusive government, Shugga Shane goes on to say that we all have to open our eyes and learn from eachother.

I found the conversation to be profound as we drove through the streets of Los Angeles. We ‘yapped’ about everything from family life to Trump to Obama to the effects of 9/11 in our communities.

On The Road S1E5 #OTR

This is the final episode in Los Angeles – for now! So, I really wanted to capture the essence of the city, it’s people, and the landscapes.

Not only am I leaving LA with a fresh perspective, but I am on my way to the other side of the United States next to interview artists in Virginia.

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