Shubham Rana Sings His Heart Out On “Haryana To Melbourne” Haji Springer Beat!


Shubham Rana is a relatively new voice in the global Desi Hip Hop scene, but Big House Music seems confident about his hit-making ability and the work has paid off. “Haryana To Melbourne” is a well made track by Shubham Rana. Haji Springer beats are always known to bring in that extra flavor, and this is no different. The song is a different type of Punjabi Pop fused with Hip-Hop elements. Shubham Rana certainly brings in some great visuals along with the song as well.

Global Desi Sounds

Preet Dhindsa directs this music video keeping in mind the Desi roots of Shubham Rana. The song is gaining much momentum since release and we expect more of these bangers from Shubham Rana to come real soon! This is the sound of the rising Desi Global scene.
The song sees Shubham both venting and flexing with pride. Proud of his roots, the song only multiplies that emotion.

Watch the video for “Haryana To Melbourne” by Shubham Rana, produced by Haji Springer down below! Dont forget to share the video and subscribe to the channel!