You Shouldn’t Miss Out This Video Of Nick Cannon Explaining Sikhism And The Importance Of Turban!


Hip hop old timer Nick Cannon turned lot of heads as he has recently started rocking the turban. A lot of his fans and admirers followed his footsteps without actually realizing the significance behind it. What started as a spiritual step from Nick’s side turned into a fashion statement all of a sudden. Clearing the air about the same, the rapper gave a video interview explaining his view point.

In the video we can see Nick Cannon already wearing what resembles a turban on his head. When asked a lot of people have been asking about your headwear, Nick Cannon said, “I’ve been studying the Sikh faith. It didn’t start as a fashion statement but it kind of turned into one.”

nick cannon turban

I actually didn’t wear it too much in public because I knew people would have comments and stuff. So I would have it on when I’m studying in my own privacy. I just started rocking it and it just took off.” He further added.

The Real Husbands of Hollywood star went on to say that it’s interesting because he doesn’t subscribe necessarily to just one spirituality and doesn’t really believe in religion. The rapper has apparently done lot of research and studying on the Sikh understanding. And about the idea of royalty and sovereignty that it represents.

Nick Cannon broke down the concept of wearing turban and how it began, what it represents, in his own words. He said, “When you study, what a ‘turban’ ultimately represents was people of strength and discipline and ultimately to cover up the hair of Sikh individuals who don’t cut their hair. They wear it as a sense of pride and a sense of discipline because they knew they would stand out and that people would actually have adversity towards them. But they stood so firm in their faith and that’s what they still do to this day and if I can stand with them in that fight I would do it.”

Well Nick certainly isn’t the first Western celebrity to be influenced by India and its diverse culture. The rapper sure did clear things from his side in a good way. Check the video out and see Nick Cannon turban and him talking about the significance.