You Shouldn’t Miss Poetik Justis And MC Heam’s “Billy Belly” Movie!

SlumGods representatives MC Heam and Poetik Justis are featured in the recent Billy Belly movie. This is the after movie of their performance at Cat Café Studio in Mumbai. In this one of a kind performance documentary, you can see the emcees performing 9 tracks in all together.

MC Heam and Poetik Justis are now a part of the media crew Revolt Art Technology. All their music videos are shot by this amazingly talented group of filmmakers with vast experience of film-making. Some of their upcoming music videos are going to be a level up because of RAT. On the other hand, Billy Belly movie is also presented by RAT.


In a 17 minute long video, they have offered an insight into the life of a performing artist. Heam, Poetik and producer HHB can be seen sitting patiently while their set time approaches. For those who know the emcees personally, this video will bring a smile on their faces seeing their gimmicks. As soon as they hit the stage, a new chapter unfolds.

Some of the tracks performed by the duo included Greatness, Record Shop, Voices In The Wild and Bhaari Scene off of Poetik’s album. While Heam performed some of his hit tracks like I.C.U, I Love Marijuana, Free Flow and an unreleased track titled Machata. Back to back,both the rappers gave the audience a gist of Indian Hip Hop.

Currently, both the rappers are among the teaching faculty at the Dharavi Project school run by SlumGods. The school boasts more than 40 students coming in to learn various elements of hip hop. While Heam teaches them the technicalities of rapping, Poetik instills the knowledge and history of hip hop in India.

You will soon get to see the official music video for Heam’s track Kalyug which has been shot by Revolt Art Technology. Poetik Justis, on the other hand, is currently shooting for his B3 India Chapters videos. Meanwhile check their performance at the Cat Café Studio.

Watch the Billy Belly Movie and let us know which track you liked the most –