Shocking Turn Of Events Post Chester Bennington’s Death!

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Linkin Park fame Chester Bennington committed suicide and the world is moping for the loss. However, in a shocking turn of events, some ruthless matters have unfolded. Heartless maniacs are already making memes about the singer’s death. If that wasn’t enough, it looks like someone hacked Chester’s wife’s twitter handle.

Chester Bennington’s widow Talinda must surely be devastated by this huge loss. At such a sensitive time, what followed was a total disaster. Some fools hacked Talinda’s account and posted a series of tweets that were shocking beyond limits. The tweets claimed she encouraged Chester to commit suicide and that she was with him only for his money.

Not just that, the sick freaks further tweeted that Talinda has been having an affair with Mike Shinoda. As if that wasn’t enough, another tweet claimed that Chester was already dead before being hung to make it look like a suicide. And that Talinda had proof of the same. All these tweets were instantly deleted but left scarring marks on the late singer’s followers.

talinda bennington linkin park twitter

talinda bennington linkin park twitter 1

Chester Bennington was battling with depression and addiction. His close friend Chris Cornell committed suicide in the month of May. While Chester took his own life on what would have been Chris’ 53rd birthday. Furthermore, Linkin Park has been facing a severe backlash from fans since their new music came out this year. People often tend to forget that the negativity they spread may lead to someone taking drastic measures.

Chester Bennington can be seen in the last music video of his legendary life. LP released this music video only a few hours before the news of Chester’s death broke out. ‘Talking To Myself’ sees Chester and LP on tour with their new album.

Watch the video for Chester Bennington’s last music video here –