Shizty Touches A Chord With ‘Thehre Jaa’ Music Video

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Delhi’s beloved RnB artist Shizty is out with another soulful music video. If you’ve followed her music you won’t be unfamiliar with the passion she puts forth in each of her songs. Not only does she capture the musical essence of the song through her voice, she also pens the words to it herself.

‘Thehre Jaa’ is an ode to the one that got away. Shot in the beautiful Nothern Hills of India, the music video makes you nostalgic to the core. Shizty takes the audience down her memory lane, revisiting the good and bad times of a past relationship. A bittersweet symphony if you will, the song strikes a chord leaving her in tears thinking about the times he made her smile.

Music video by Vivek Vision very poetically captures Shizty’s expressions throughout the song. Noran Music has put the whole song together. Noran definitely gets what a RnB artist needs and we’re looking forward to more music from him.

Although Shizty is still a hidden gem in the panorama of Desi music, don’t be surprised when you see her rise. The fierce rhythms and lyrics will leave you in awe as soon as you press the play button. The first thing you’ll notice about Shizty is the way her voice shines throughout the track. She is a singer who can sing in different rhythms and tones and it brings out her soul when she lets go on the mic. She uses her songs to vent and the experience is what will enthrall you!

The artist recently went on a two city music tour with Haji Springer and Khatarnaak Hip Hop Collective among others. Shizty performed an unreleased track with Bombay based emcee D’Evil which is another gem to look out for.

Till then watch Shizty’s latest single ‘Thehre Jaa’ right here!