Shib-Z drops bangin video to ‘Pablo Escobar’


Bangladeshi rapper and producer – Shib-Z – just dropped the music video to Pablo Escobar. After years of engineering music and recording numerous singles, Shib-Z has been preparing himself for a slew of music releases.

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Watch Pablo Escobar by Shib-Z 

After struggling through the years to make his mark as a rapper, Shib-Z decided to write Pablo Escobar to make stamp himself as an artist.

“I have been facing a lot of questions lately about my skills, and that I do not belong to the Hip-hop Industry. I started my musical journey in the industry by rapping, so that’s why I decided to write ‘Pablo Escobar’.

Shib-Z started writing music and lyrics since the early 2000s. During his childhood, he used rap music as a way to express himself whenever he faced challenges.  “Hip Hop gave me a different kind of relief from all my problems. Till today, I still write music whenever I feel down or have to get something off of my chest.”

“Hip Hop gave me a different kind of relief from all my problems.”


The music video was shot in New Jersey and in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It also features NJ’s viral sensation – Vlimpse.

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Why Pablo Escobar?

“Ami Pablo Escobar, Parle theka ei Gaan”

Shib-Z explained to us : “I’v been demotivated by a lot of people past few months about my Rap career. As I do both Rap & RnB, they kept asking me to do only RnB.

“A lot of people tried to stop me from rapping and told me to start doing RnB only. But just like Pablo Escobar, no one ever could stop him. Only way he was stopped was by his death. That’s what influenced me and that is the reason why I called myself Pablo Escobar in the song.

“No matter how many challenges I face, I will not stop working on my dream. I will rap till I die, that’s how important it is to me!”

“No matter how many challenges I face, I will not stop working on my dream.”

Shib Z & Vlimpse
Shib Z with Vlimpse


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