Shaikhspeare Launches Power Packed Album “Shaikh Them Pt. 1”!

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Shaikhspeare, co-founder of Mumbai’s Hip-Hop Collective Bombay Lokal is out with his much anticipated project – “Shaikh Them Part 1”. In this two part series, he has some guaranteed surprises coming live and direct. The first part speaks volumes about his level of artistry and songwriting techniques.

“Shaikh Them” is by and large an album that collates Shaikh’s experiences as an emcee, his visions and ideas and his community as well. It is a peek into his lifestyle as an emcee. The common theme between all the tracks is the boombap flavor mixed with new school flows and collaborations with unique voices and producers in the scene.

Global Desi

Shaikhspeare has proven to the people that he has what it takes to stand tall among the best in the league. Be it community work with his collective or riding solo – he has taken steps to leap forward. Shaikh Them exemplifies that and is a solid release. A few tracks stand out in the album namely the previously released Global Desi, King-Don, Hashish, and 30 Pe Car.

The album has definitive patterns throughout it. There are a few hooks that remain melodic and some that are direct rap repetitions. All in all, the album shines and stands out as a great release. The project is an introduction to Shaikh Them Part 2 and with this level of direction, we might already be witnessing a classic take shape.

Stream the full album on all major streaming platforms by Shaikhspeare – “Them Part 1” here ->