Shah RuLe Spat Smart Bars In “WHO?”!


Rahul Shahani goes by the moniker of Shah RuLe. He is a recording artist and a music producer. Shah RuLe was born in Hong Kong and was raised in Moscow but later shifted to Mumbai in 2015. His music is a mixture of hip-hop/RnB and electric sound.

Furthermore, in the year of 2014, his single “Nomad” received an airplay on BBC Radio 1. He was also featured on a track called “Unstoppable” on producer Nameless’ The Heights EP. This track was a huge hit and it reached the BBC Asian networks download forum. On the other hand, Shah Rule also released his album Visualise Greatness in the year 2015.

Shah RuLe recently released his brand new track “WHO?” The instrumental for this track was created by IVN. Shah RuLe did the post production for the track himself. Rohit Joshi shot the visuals and did the VFX part for the same. Also, he and Shah RuLe edited the video as well. I recommend you to look at this track instantly.

Shah RuLe's Who

We got in touch with Shah RuLe to get some more insights on the track. He stated, “My new track “Who?” is purely an appetizer for what’s to come this summer and it serves as a reminder for my supporters and also competitors of my presence in this game. Sonically, this track holds a royal essence which required me to just stunt a little bit but also give you some quality bars. HaHa!

The beat is actually something I came across on YouTube by this incredible producer named IVN, and I’ve recently developed this workflow of writing hooks within 15 mins to beats I find online. Whatever mood or state of mind I’m in just completely pours out in that moment and I don’t think twice about changing a word. This is something refreshing to me at this point as I’ve recently just focused on corporate jingles, and commercial/Bollywood tracks, which tends to have a lot more restraints. I’ve edited majority of the music video, though lot of credit goes to this young talented filmmaker Rohit Joshi, who shot and added incredible fx onto the video,” he further added.

Significant lyrics from the track

“I got bars like an Indian window,
I dumb it down for paychecks and Indian bimbos,
My lingo, kicks and snares they call me ringo,
Signatures stash I’m challenging Mr. Pringles.”

Talking about his future projects Shah RuLe stated, “I’m most excited about what I have coming up next.. An insane collaboration with rapper D’Evil called “Psycho”, pun intended. Following that, singles with Bollywood playback singers Apeksha Dandekar and Jeffrey Iqbal. I’ve also been featured on Hard Kaur’s Hip Hop Assocation India’s “The Rising” Mixtape both as a rapper and producer, which is to be released early August. On the corporate side, my jingle for FBB Big Bazaar is currently being circulated on multiple channels on TV and I have got a few more that should be released within the next couple months.”

Watch “Who” By Shah RuLe Here: