Shah Rule Drops Next Jewel “Superstitious”


Shah Rule has been exploring the soundscape of Indian Hip-Hop in his own way ever since he stepped into the scene. We last covered his previous release “Psycho” which was a grimey/hardcore track featuring DreamTeam member D’Evil. In his latest single he mellows down the vibe and hits at the chill spot. “Superstitious” explores the other side of Shah Rule as he talks about the kinds of women in his life.


Rise Of A New Sound

Coming off an action packed summer of solo singles and a feature on Hard Kaur’s The Rising Mixtape Vol. 1, Shah Rule’s newest offering “Superstitious” sets a different tone to his catalog. Sonically still deep in the realm of modern day bass heavy Hip Hop, though vocally dabbling between a smooth melodious Hindi chorus, balanced against deep, lyric driven bars in English for the verses. “Superstitious” is an ode to a significant other, praising their every intention and showing that utmost appreciation for them, which is not easily communicated and very often taken for granted.


This is a fresh sound to see coming from Shah Rule’s side of the fence. This is because he has added a melodic Hindi hook to spice things up in this jam. The replay value on this song is still high because this is a song you can vibe out to. Shah Rule talks about how the women in his life are as real as they get, but at the same time they’re ‘superstitious’.

The Depth Behind Superstitious

Who better to spread the message of the track than the man himself? We reached out to Shah Rule to talk about his latest drop, and he shared some great insights. “Love and relationships have played a significant role in my life and career since my move to Mumbai in 2016. When I analyse any relationship of mine that has failed, there’s always one person who gives more or feels slightly stronger towards the other,” he stated.

He further added, “I’ve been in both roles, the worst side of the spectrum is obviously when I’m super infatuated with that person. And I’m trying my best not to ruin anything, hence the theme of this song of being superstitious. Though in this case, its in the perspective of a female’s infatuation for her boyfriend. And in return as her boyfriend, giving her that appreciation and respect that she deserves. The music video takes a different turn and has its own twists, on which I’ll let the viewers build their own interpretation.”

This music video is crafted really well. It follows a storyline which is open to interpretation. But at the same time, we see the side of Shah Rule which hasn’t been shown before. Shah Rule is growing with each drop as an artist. With the video’s lead actress being Indian YouTube sensation Radhika Bangia, who does a great job, you know you’re in for some good thrill. The video is directed by Sanya Sagar of Pynk Moss Films and follows a storyline that sets it apart from other videos, just like the song. As we wait for some more hits from Shah Rule, we wish him all the best going forward. For now, enjoy the track below and don’t forget to subscribe/share!