Shah Rule And D’Evil Unleash The ‘Psycho’ In Their Latest Drop!

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Trigger warning – This song is highly prone to trigger psychotic episodes of “turn up”. The latest release by Shah Rule and D’evil blends a banging beat produced by Lasik with a chorus that sticks. On top of that, you get some dark, grimy bars by both the emcees. All this coupled with the tripped out music video that will get your dark side out of you. You can’t mess with the “psycho”.

shah rule d'evil psycho

Bars get gruesome with D’evil starting off the first verse in Hindi and laying the law down. This is also, in my opinion one of, if not the best verses by D’evil on a collaboration. Excellent cadence, smooth flow. He carries the whole verse with ease and poses a threat to all who defy him. “Bhidega bhai ko? / Hogayela psycho?” is all he needed to leave the verse with, to push the competition off him.

The next verse sees Shah Rule stepping in after the superb hook. He also matches the intensity of the track impeccably. No punches pulled here, just straight bars and flow! Between touring the UK with Hard Kaur promoting “The Rising Mixtape”, Shah Rule pulls time to promote the song in his own way. Psycho is definitely going to be remembered as a banger!

The video for the song was shot by Rohit Joshi, who also added the VFX and was edited by Shah Rule himself. You will notice cameos by Tadpatri Talkies’ frontman and B3 India’s top dog EMF in the background. Other familiar faces are producers DJ Blunt and HHB  in the background, setting the crazy goon vibe.

The Brains Behind ‘Psycho’

D’evil & Shah Rule explained the full concept of “Psycho” to me when I had a word with them. D’evil states that “The mind of a psycho is ill, its creatively destructive. Its out in the open, wild and also raw. A psycho mind can bring a lot to the scene, just be crazy about the music. That’s all.” 

Shah Rule-D'Evil Psycho


Shah Rule also told me something similar, stating that everyone has a ‘psycho’ within them. He says, “Psycho unleashed this dark side of me and whatever I was dealing with at the time. Be it a relationship or dealing with people in the music industry. The mind of psycho has no filters and boundaries. Society asks us to live and act obediently. Due to this, if you can’t stay within the box you get labelled as ‘crazy’ or PSYCHO.”



Watch this amazing track and go “Psycho”!