Shade Won’t ‘Feel the Pressure’

West coast Desi Hip-Hop artist Shade has released the video for his second single “Feel the Pressure.” Each one of Shade’s singles is preparing us for the release of his album The Time is Now.

When we caught up with Shade when he released his single “The Flame,” he told us about his upcoming album. He told us “In totality from my upcoming album The Time is Now… you can expect a variety of music from Pop, Hip-Hop, to even progressive Political Rap. The title is as such because there have been many personal, religious, and cultural battles I have had to wage both explicitly and implicitly with others and myself in the process of whether or not to embark on my music career. These battles have been what has kept me aloof for so long. In the end I decided to go forward full swing because tomorrow never comes, the time is now…”

His new music video takes us to a bar where Shade is trying to score with a sexy lady. Check out the video to find out how this story unravels.