Sez On The Beat Features On Legendary “Against The Clock”

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Sajeel Kapoor aka Sez On The Beat is one of India’s best hitmakers at the moment. His tenure in Azadi Records has greatly boosted the talents and musicality of the label as a whole. There are a thousand different ways Sez can flip beats and this says a lot about the kind of artist he is.

His works of art go deeper than what is perceived by the mass appeal. There is a technique involved with the beat making. This is a skill he has honed for years. The skill has shaped up into making him who he is and breaking new barriers with Indian Hip-Hop.

Against The Clock

In the latest episode of “Against The Clock” – a series that has featured legendary music producers from around the world – Sez was challenged to produce a beat within 10 minutes – and him along with Prabh Deep gave them a song in that time.

The fact that an Indian act (especially an Indian Hip-Hop producer) has featured on “Against The Clock” is a sign of great things to come. Sez has proved to the world that there are talents on this side of the world that are on par with international standard, quality and technique. We congratulate Sez on this outstanding achievement and await more bangers all year long.

Watch the complete “Against The Clock” by Sez On The Beat below and share the video with your friends!