Seti X Teams Up With Raaginder To Drop Heat With “Fired Up”!

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SETI X has been a long time veteran in the Hip Hop scene. In his brief time initially in India, he helped build the first generation of the SlumGods crew. He has been on a musical journey throughout the world and has performed in front of and made music with people in and around the Hip-Hop community worldwide. He also used to host and perform as an emcee in various Bboying competitions, jams and cyphers in Mumbai in the past.


The Seti X Brand

His brand of music is what sets him apart from the rest. Seti X as a musician was always known for his wit and the difference he makes through his music. He sets a standard of his own throughout his songs and albums. Intellectual lyrics, combined with skillful flows on diverse beats keeps SETI X on a plane of his own. After having dropped multiple projects, he only seems to keep elevating the sound of his music track after track. Some of his most notable hits are “Aisee Taisee”, “Activating Souls” and his recent “Let It Grow”. His latest single also adds to the range of the kind of tracks that Seti X can adapt to.


Fired Up

“Fired Up” is a friendly reminder that Seti X is a skillful veteran who hails from “the ‘Bay to the’ Bay”. It is a showcase of Seti’s pen game as he goes in bar for bar to remind all his sceptics and doubters that he can rumble with the best of them. Raaginder elevates the musicality of the song with his soulful voice and fierce delivery in the hook. He pays homage to Bombay in the first verse and talks about how music aligns his Chakras. The song boasts his vivid imagination, unique way of creating rhythm with his lyrics and the overall aura of a full-fledged emcee.

In a way, this song marks the return of Seti X and the fire inside the artist that never dies. We await for more music from him and until then, check out and bump “Fired Up”. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!