Seedhe Maut Drop Crazy Visuals For “PNP” Off The Bayaan Album!

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Seedhe Maut have been climbing the ladder to success in their territory as well as pan-India. It’s no surprise that their sounds have reached far and wide based on their extreme skillsets. These are pure bred emcees, they are fierce, technical and know the game way too well.

PNP (Pesa Nasha Pyaar) is a standout track from their album Bayaan that released the end of last year. It has been a fan favorite and a crowd favorite as well. The song deals with duality, addiction, love, hate and everything in between. The amount of craftsmanship that one would need to put in to a song like this is evident.

Seedhe Maut Nation

Canfuse and Seedhe Maut have been in collaborations since a few years now and in this video, Canfuse has really outdone themselves. The video shows us how Canfuse truly understands the use of small spaces and transforms the vision on a new level completely. They use these spaces to their advantage and PNP is a stellar example. There is meaning and depth in each shot and the music syncs perfectly. This is a classic music video for a classic duo.

Bayaan is successfully streaming across India and the message is loud and clear. Seedhe Maut are here to change the sounds in the game. Their unique methods have separated them from an otherwise escalating, monotonous rap world. This is their canvas and they are painting an exemplary portrait.

Watch PNP by Seedhe Maut down below and dont forget to share it with your friends and support this crew!