Scott Storch, The Dr. Dre of 2000s Hip-Hop!


Kanye West once said, “Hip-hop is the new Rock n Roll”. In other words, hip-hop music is the most popular music genre today. Modern hip-hop music has undoubtedly grown a lot in terms of audience and business. With changing times the significance of keyboard has remained the same in hip hop. The signature difference between the early “West-Coast” and “East-Coast” sound was the rhythm patterns of Keyboards.

A lot of West-Coast musicians were also using saw leads and synthesised high-octave sounds in their music.While a lot of East-Coast producers were making sampling popular, West-Coast was playing with melodies. One of the most famous Dr. Dre song “Still Dre” is famous for its iconic riff.

Scott Storch is one of the less-heard names in hip-hop music, although he has produced some major hits. Dr Dre and Scott sat down to produce “Still Dre” and Scott actually composed and played the piano riff. Scott is probably the most famous piano players in the industry. In fact, Scott is the founding member of The Roots who have released tracks like “You Got Me”, “Don’t Say Nothing” & others. Before going on a hiatus due to Cocaine addiction, Scott defined the sound of early 2000s.

Terror Squad’s “Lean Back” which featured Fat Joe & Remy Ma is one the most successful Scott Storch records ever. 50 Cent became popular after the release of “Candy Shop”. The track is still popular after more than a decade and its the magic produced by Scott. Another 50 Cent hit “Just a Lil’ Bit” was also produced by Scott and you know that riff is addictive. He has also produced DMX’s “Lord Give Me a Sign”, “I Won’t Fall” for Mobb Deep, Ja Rule’s “Clap Back”, Nas’s “I Can” and the list goes on. Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me a River” was one of his earliest successful tracks. The beat was produced by Timbaland but Scott had his share of additional production on that beat.

In other words, Dr. Dre definitely developed West-Coast sound but Scott popularised it. Scott is making a comeback with artists like Russ, Dave East & other popular artists in hip-hop today.

Watch Scott Storch playing his famous riffs here –