Say Hello To Red Bull BC Ones’ Top 16 Indian B-Boys!


The break-dancing aspect of the artform in Indian Hip-Hop has always been at the forefront of the whole scene. Everywhere around India, we have seen a lot of progress regarding bboys & bgirls all year round. Whether it be battling, cyphering, jamming or being a part of ads and movies, Bboys are everywhere. Us as a country loves its dancers and our bboys make us proud year after year. Just earlier this year, Bboy Flying Machine bagged the Red Bull BC One India Championship title. This further earns him a chance to compete in the Last Chance Cypher in Amsterdam (winning that will guarantee a spot for him to the Red Bull BC One World Championships).



The BC One Top 16 [India]

Cut to the present, we have ourselves an audio-visual treat by the bboys themselves. This video celebrates the growth of the bboy culture in India. It takes continuation from the last chapter of Red Bull BC One. We get to see the full set of the Top 16 bboys vibe to the tunes of Brodha V’s previous release “Aigiri Nandini”. The music video is shot in the infamous Mukesh Mills in Mumbai. The top 16 are as follows; Bboy Flying Machine (2017 Winner), Bboy Abdul (2016 Winner), Bboy Flexx, Bboy Godhand, Bboy Nevermind, Bboy Arttech, Bboy Burst, Bboy Kemio, Bboy Shawn (2017 Finalist), Bboy Stylo, Bboy Shane, and many more!

The video is shot and edited by Canfuse and offers some great visuals for breakdancing enthusiasts and the general public alike. A great use of the environment and the bboys themselves have given full power to the video. The ever growing Desi Hip-Hop scene can rest assured that our bboys wont give up and strive for the best in the world stage.