Saint Soldier Teams Up With DJ Hark For “Duality”

Rising Canadian hip-hop sensation, Saint Soldier has announced the release of his new album Duality today. Duality is Saint Soldier’s second album. In fact, what took more than two years in the making came out as a masterpiece. Duality has been released worldwide on July 15th, 2017. Physical copies are available for purchase at Saint’s website. Saint hails from Abbotsford, British Columbia and has teamed up with DJ Hark for this sensational new album.

“The concept of Duality is discussed in all spiritual scriptures, the idea of separation between the creator and the creation,” says Saint. According to the artist, the basic understanding of this is that the student is to overcome the idea by realising the true self. The digital streaming release of the album is expected in early August, 2017.

Duality Saint Soldier

“The effort behind this album is to provide the listener an inward contemplative journey while listening to and enjoying the music.”  – Saint Soldier

Duality offers a diverse range of songs from deep, meaningful, storytelling pieces. The first single is titled “A Stray”. It is a song that was heavily circulated across major television and print media. The song realistically depicts issues that plague youth in the community Saint Soldier hails from. In addition, the second single of this album is called “Namaste”. It has a very different vibe promoting peace, love and oneness while backed by tropical house beats. Music videos for both of these singles are available on YouTube and also on the artist’s website.

In addition, Duality includes other international recording artists such as Toronto native Humble: The Poet who provides a verse on the track titled “Mind Over Matter”. Similarly, the album also gets a helping hand from Saint’s fellow hip hop artist Noyz who recorded a lyrical master piece on “Medicine”. Moreover, Johnny Jang provides the chorus on the first track of the album titled “School of Life”. Furthermore, most of the tracks in the album were produced by DJ Hark while it also has the music and mixing by Mani D, DJ Reminisce, and Arnold Dogelis.