Saheer ups the “Pressure” in latest release with Sony Music

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Today saw the release of another single from Desi Hip Hop & Sony Music’s Hip Hop focused label – Awaaz. And this time, it was California-native, Saheer with “Pressure”.

Hailing from the Bay Area to an Indian immigrant family, Saheer’s childhood was a balance between family values and his environment. Heavy in instrumentation and dense in content, his music is a reflection of his memories growing up. Intended to guide his listeners through the stories of his own experiences and growth, as well as his vision for the future and beyond.

Watch Saheer’s “Pressure” Music Video

When asked about the single, Saheer went on to say, “This is what determination feels like. The energy you want when life throws the worst at you. We all feel a “Pressure” in our daily lives, no matter our background or situation, and this record is for you to play when you decide you’re greater than your worst times. Your trials and tribulations are only a phase, in a lifetime of greatness. You only reap benefits from your investment when you see them through to the end.”

Saheer is not only the lyricist and performer on the song, but he is also the producer of the record. As an artist-producer, he  constantly tests his production skills by working with multiple artists spread all over the San Francisco Bay Area.

“I was taught to follow passion with a rigorous work ethic. Since 2003, I’ve not only evolved as an artist/producer on my own, but I’ve also raised the expectations for the creatives I collaborate with. Each project has made me a sharper listener, thinker and, executioner. I’ve doubled down over and over, and now there’s no doubling back. ” added Saheer.

Hardik Dave, CEO of Desi Hip Hop, has worked alongside Saheer Dalal from the beginning of Saheer’s career. He went on to say, “Saheer is a passionate, dedicated musician, who has been on the grind since day 1. I have no doubt that great things await him!”

Saheer’s “Pressure” is now available online and on all streaming platforms.