Saheer Pours Out Memory Of America To India In Wild West (Down 2 Roll)


US based rapper Saheer is set with his next release in association with High Rize ENT and “Wild West (Down 2 Roll) is out now, and we have all the inside scoop for you. Saheer opened up about the story behind this track. Much like his previous work, Wild West also stems from real life incidents.

wild west saheer

“Wild West (Down 2 Roll)” is part narrative/part boastful. Furthermore, ‘Wild West’ refers to how the combination of California and Gujarat has paved the way for Saheer’s artistry. He begins by rapping about his trip to India in 1997. His parents contemplated on staying there permanently and not coming back. As a matter of fact, they even sent Saheer’s grandfather to get an admission into a local elementary school there. However, he didn’t get in and in three months they were back in Fremont, CA.

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Saheer added, “I realise now that there were forces at work which I have absolutely no knowledge of/control over. They have equal parts in making me who I am (By Nature). Through the years I took what I loved as an audience member and kept trying to make it my own (By Practice). My sounds represent my experience growing up in an Indian family. Where Hip-Hop was never played openly, let alone considered a viable career option. The conversations changed over the arc of my public education and my family slowly realised the passion I had for music.”

saheer soul purpose

I couldn’t lie to myself. I knew what I wanted at age 11. However, until age 25, when my father put me through sound engineering school, I always clashed to some degree with my roots to stay the course of passion and creativity versus having a stable job and paycheck. My music in present day combines flavours of my parent’s homeland with some of my own,” he further added.

“Wild West (Down 2 Roll)” is a testament to combining what Saheer chose to do with what he was meant to do. Also, he believes that the first generation American experience is unique and they’ve only just begun telling their story to the world.

Watch the video for Wild West below and share your views with us!