Saheer Pays Ode To His Desi Roots In ‘Nine Nights’


After the successful release of Soul Purpose, there’s only one gear for Saheer – forward. The immigrant journey has been a large component of Saheer’s story, and his music continues to explore the Gujarati traditions of his upbringing. His latest single and brand new music video, “Nine Nights” continue to pay homage to his traditional Hindu roots.

saheer soul purpose

Growing up as a first generation American Indian immigrant, I feel like our story isn’t represented enough, even though it’s such a relatable one and I want to be the one to tell it. Hip-Hop has primarily spoken for the inner cities in the US but now it speaks for the entire world and how similar/diverse we all are. I believe our movement is one – to showcase hip hop’s reach and its potential for evolution.” – Saheer

The video for “Nine Nights” is intended to show Saheer is still dedicated to making his childhood dream of being an artist come true. All too often, we struggle to balance what is realistic with what we actually want for ourselves. The “Nine Nights” video dives head first into this duality to illustrate the immortality of those dreams and what it takes to bring them to life.

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In 2017, Saheer released his EP, Soul Purpose. The project is a departure from Saheer’s earlier work, as he sought to reinvent his music to express his introspection and state of life at the time of the EP’s creation. Backed by the strong singles, “Trapt”, “Runnin’ It”, and the standout “Wild West (Down 2 Roll)”, it’s a well-crafted piece of work that puts all of Saheer’s versatile artistry on full display.

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