Saheer & Jamien Pride Team Up To Drop Heat With “Usual Biz”!

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DHH has connected with and found a lot of Desi artists worldwide who are creating their vision and leveling up their sound. We have come across a thousand different talents and voices who have delivered their story in a relentless manner. Saheer is a hidden jewel in the ocean of gems.

The desi emcee is representing the lyrical side of Hip-Hop in the U.S.A. and spits truth in his bars. Last week we saw a glimpse into what the future can hold for Saheer. Teaming up with fellow emcee Jamien Pride, the duo fight the powers that be and show their rebel side with an intelligent and beautifully crafted song – “Usual Biz”.

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In this day and age of Hip-Hop, where lyricism and conscious rap have taken a back seat to more up-tune, turn up, hip-pop music, to see Saheer representing this side fills us with pride. There is a lot to say in this song and a complete decoding of lyrics would overflow this article. But, rest assured, the song speaks volumes. In terms of the content and the wave that they are working on, it stands out. There is some great songwriting done here. Check out the video for Saheer & Jamien Pride – Usual Biz down below and spread the movement.

Though it is just the start for Saheer, it seems like there is massive potential in his music. The movement is only going to get bigger and this song deserves that much recognition. It is our job as movers of the culture to push this kind of sound ahead and make sure that the worldwide Desi Hip Hop family gets all the recognition it deserves. So dont forget to subscribe to Saheers channel and support the artists, there is a lot more in store coming your way! Stay tuned! Long live Desi Hip-Hop.