Sab Bhanot & Haji Springer Prove Why They’re Apex On Desi Rap Foodchain In “Bandar”

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To see this familiar combination of emcees back together again is a blessing to the eyes and ears. The names ring a bell, and the sounds never left. The deadly duo are back once again! Haji Springer and Sab Bhanot blaze fire on their latest release “Bandar” and trust us – this is far from monkey business!

Killer Combo

Both Haji Springer and Sab Bhanot have been on a roll lately. Haji is dropping back to back tracks both from his album and from his collaborations. And on the other hand, Sab Bhanot is on the hunt for the hits with his string of singles that keep piling up.

The best thing about collaborative efforts like these are the synergy between the artists. Both of them understand and compliment each others styles and Haji knows the recipe for success with his instrumentals. The hard work truly shows out on tracks like these and gives the fans their moneys worth.

Stream the full song on iTunes HERE

Beast Mode

Bandar is a sequel of sorts to Sab Bhanots debut track “Villain” which launched a year ago. The track features Haji Springer and this is the second coming for Sab Bhanot and Haji Springer fans. Full circle.

Both of them do not hesitate to go bar for bar on the track and clown the haters with some serious spitting ability and lyricism. Their killer instincts are put on full display in this track. Haji gives the beat an aggressive touch and that just goes to boost the power of their words even further!

Watch the full video for Sab Bhanot’s latest single “Bandar” featuring Haji Springer down below. Don’t forget to share it with your friends! This duo is taking over!