Russ Launches his own Cannabis Brand ‘Chomp’ w/ Wonderbrett


Russ continues to diversify his portfolio outside of rapping. He sprinkled in the exploration of another venture on March 29 with the launch of his CHOMP cannabis line in partnership with the California-based Wonderbrett. Of course, CHOMP takes on the namesake of Russ’ 2020 EP.

“I just wanted to create something organic that was true to me,” Russ wrote on his Instagram. “I’m not a heavy smoker who’s just gonna sit around and smoke all day but oftentimes in the studio. I enjoy experiencing an alternative yet still tuned in perspective, so keeping a joint of something productive nearby comes in handy. I might as well control what’s in the joint so that’s what I’ve done here with Wonderbrett.”


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When describing the strain, CHOMP is best “cultivated for the daily creative, offering relaxation with a deep, euphoric high for the body and mind”. Fans in California will be able to purchase the line at STIIIZY DTLA dispensary locations, in addition to the forthcoming flagship Wonderbrett store coming soon to the Fairfax shopping district. Check out the official commercial for CHOMP x Wonderbrett, below.

It is no secret that hip-hop and cannabis have had a long-standing, very close relationship. Therefore, it is never a surprise to see rappers get into the cannabis industry, as an increasing number of states and countries continue to legalize the herb.

HEADER IMAGE is Russ from @wonderbrett on Instagram