On The Road with LA Producer & Rapper MOGZ


On this episode of ‘On The Road’ with DJ Raf, we spend some time with Los Angeles-based producer and artist – MOGZ. Mogz shares his story of growing up and what he believes is the pathway to success.

Los Angeles with Artist & Producer MOGZ | S1E3 #OnTheRoad w/ @DJayRaf

During this trip to Los Angeles, one of my main goals was to uncover what makes Mogz the jack of all trades. The reason why I say he’s the jack of all trades, is because this man’s not only a music producer, but also a rapper, director, and editor.

Mogz is a true ‘artist’. An artist who makes his own beats as well as beats for other talented artists. Some of his most well known beats came through the collaborations he’s done with Bangladeshi rapper Black Zang. Black Zang recently released BZ Bars, Who Knew, and a number of other singles with Mogz’s productions.

What was most fun while shooting this episode was that we also shot a music video during that time. Catching the artist in his element, doing what he does best, was truly inspiring. I share everything behind the shoot in next week’s episode of On The Road with DJ Raf.

On The Road-Rapper Mogz-DJ Raf Image

In this week’s episode, Mogz expresses what it takes to truly achieve any of your goals. “Everyone has a position in life, man. But, everyone has the opportunity to live their dreams, you just have to work at it.”

And, when I asked him if this is a privilege that only a few people in this world can enjoy, Mogz went on to say, “The whole world is the ‘land of opportunity’ now. With the internet, and social media, anyone in any part of the world can connect with an audience any where else. Now, there are no more excuses.”

I found this point to be profound. A lot of times, none of us realize how blessed we are to be alive at a time when we are truly connected with a worldwide audience. What we choose to do with this connection is up to us. And, if we really want to, we can make a real impact on the world we live in.